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Great plains peales

157 Cherry Valley Road

Glasgow, Montana 59230




In 2007 we undertook the challenge to move to northeast Montana.   This vast, rugged country has a rich history of homesteaders that have deserted the prairie for an easier life.  Yet the prairie has been and still is habitation to animals, great and small.  Huge cattle ranches with tock ponds make natural duck habitat and thousands of acres of open grassland and wheat fields hold partridge, sharptail & sage grouse, antelope, whitetail and mule deer, even an occasional domestic buffalo.  Our new “back yard” is a falconer’s dream come true.


Falconers are familiar with the slow, steady conditioning it takes to train and develop an “ideal falcon”.  The development of our new home and falconry facility has been no different.  Over the years we have learned (mostly by hard knocks) what features make a facility safe, efficient and productive.  We have incorporated the “best of the best” into the new weathering area, breeding chambers, pigeon loft and dog kennels. 


Our relocation might possibility interrupt the 2009 breeding season, however, we are hopeful to offer “hacked” peregrines in the near future.  The advantage of purchasing a hacked bird is no secret to serious falconers.  It can save months of training and put a real jump on the hunting season.  Setting up the hack tower is a top priority this spring.

Great plains peales

Peregrine falcons with distinction bred by JD Solmonsen